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Faculty & Staff Directory

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Name Position Phone
Aker, Jill Special Education
Duffy, Nancy Kindergarten
Eash, Megan Elementary Nurse
Fleetwood, Brenda 5th Grade
Folland, Pam Counselor
Foster, Kerry Wolf Lake Elementary Custodian
Gaff, Diana 3rd Grade
Galligher, Doreen Instructional Assistant
Gallmeyer, Susan Clerical Assistant
Geiger, Amanda Treasurer
Gramling, Kathleen 2nd Grade
Hook Gamble, Angela 2nd Grade
Hosford, Anita 1st Grade
Hosted, Kandi 4th Grade
Hurst, Wilma Library
Jordan, Jodie Kindergarten
Ladig, Karen Instructional Assistant
McKinney, Anna Speech Therapist
Morgan, Robby Principal
Noland, Rhoda Wolf Lake Elementary Custodian
Paige Lundquist Title I
Pearson, Jordan 1st Grade
Price, Julianna Music
Rees, Scott Physical Education
Reyna, Marcos Food Services Director
Scheiber, Cindy Special Education
Shrader, Dawn 3rd Grade
Shultz, Paula Instructional Assistant
Sieber, Debra 5th Grade
Spencer, Elizabeth Instructional Assistant
Stangland, Cindy Instructional Assistant
Taylor Amber 4th Grade
Thornsbearry, Nicci Title 1
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