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Welcome to the Cafeteria!

  • For your convenience, you can now apply for Free/Reduced Lunch Benefits online by visting www.lunchapp.com. We recommend this method of application for tracking purposes and convenience.

    Paper Applications for Free/Reduced Lunch Benefits are also available at Central Office or your School Office.   Paper applications are only accepted in original form, on yellow paper.

    You must apply for Free/Reduced lunch benefits each school year.  Benefits from a previous school year are valid for only the first 60 days of the new school year.  Should you choose to not reapply within that window of time, charges made after those first 60 sixty days are the family's responsiblity.

  • Standard meal costs for the 2017-2018 School Year are as follows:

                                                                      Full Pay Rate               Reduced Rate
    Elementary Breakfast:                                 $1.40                                $.30
    Elementary Lunch:                                      $2.30                                $.40
    Jr/Sr High Breakfast:                                  $1.60                                $.30
    Jr/Sr High Lunch:                                       $2.60                                $.40
    Additional a la carte items are available for purchase at the Jr/Sr High.  These items do NOT apply to free/reduced rates.  All a la carte purchases are the family's financial responsibility.

    Adults are also eligible to purchase School Breakfast or Lunch at the rates below.  No Free or Reduced rates apply to adult purchases.
    Adult Breakfast: $2.00
    Adult Lunch: $3.10

    Payments to lunch accounts can be made in several different ways, as follows:
    1. Online at www.sendmoneytoschool.com (recommended for quickest application to student account)
    2. In person at the school office where you student attends
    3. In person, or over the phone at Central Office

    Low balance and negative balance notices are sent via email. You will receive a notice at $3.00 left in the account, $-3.00 and at -$10.00. You are also able to view lunch balances through your parent portal. Due to processsing time, we recommend you make payments toward the account before it reaches $10 left, to ensure you student is able to purchase a standard meal.  Please understand that should a student account reach -$10 or more, they will not be eligible to purchase a standard meal.  They will instead be served an alternative meal of either a cheese or peanut butter sandwich.

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