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Faculty & Staff Directory

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Name Position Phone
Arnold, Amber Science
Behm, Kelly Guidance Secretary
Books, Cindy Jr/Sr High Custodian
Bremer, David Language Arts
Brose, Geoffry Math
Burrough, Brett Social Studies
Carmien, Chelsea Jr/Sr High Nurse
Caswell, Deborah Study Hall
Coats, Kimberly Jr/Sr High Treasurer
Davison, Amy Special Education
Earnhart, Jamie Agriculture/FFA
Emmert, Heidi Fine Arts/Related Arts
Foster, Allison Instructional Assistant
Foster, Chris Health Education/Remediation
Gallmeyer, Cindy Library
Gillespie, Brian Math
Handshoe, Randy Social Studies
Hazelton, Leah Instructional Assistant
Hoover, Shawn Co-Principal
Howell, Anthony Language Arts
Leffers, Patrick Guidance Counselor
Lortie, Megan Clerical Assistant
Luckey, Joel Special Education
Maneke, Kimberly Math & Science
Mault, Abbey Fine Arts
McCray, Jack Physical Education
McKinney, Charles Jr/Sr High Custodian
Mettert, Steven Social Studies
Miller, Ethan Jr/Sr High Custodian
Moe, Chris Instructional Assistant
Moe, Greg Asst. Principal
Ohms, Kelli Special Education
Owen, Jessica Language Arts/Remediation
Parker, Brad Special Education
Patterson, Jan Instructional Assistant
Perlich, Diane Clerical Assistant
Phillips, Brooke Foreign Language
Phillips, Matt Science
Podgorski, Marisa Foreign Language
Polly, Micah Instructional Assistant
Rexroad, Brian Math
Riehm, Benjamin Science
Schuller, Tyler Athletic Director
Scott, Laura Physical Education
Sievers, Amanda Language Arts
Sirois, Michelle Language Arts
Sprague, Lorene Language Arts
Strombeck, Deanna Science
Taulbee, Elaine Instructional Assistant
Thiele, Michelle Guidance Counselor
Tipton, Trevor Social Studies
Tomlinson, Adam Special Education
Tomlinson, Laura Fine Arts
Tracy, Travis Instructional Assistant
Truex, Brady Related Arts
Urton, Robbie Math
Vice, Ashley Dean of Students
Vice, Jamie Instructional Assistant
Wilson, Rachel Instructional Assistant
Winebrenner, Christy Family & Consumer Science
Yoder, Dara Language Arts
Yoder, Lynford Math
Zeigler, Mary Instructional Assistant
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